Certified EMDR Therapist

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD., in the 1980's, has been fully validated by the World Health Organization as effective therapeutic treatment for PTSD. Originally developed to work through disturbing events related to anxiety, stress and trauma (that may stem from a single traumatic experience or ongoing experiences), EMDR Therapy has also proven effective to produce positive treatment outcomes for a variety of other concerns.

As as Certified EMDR Therapist, I work with clients to help you move through disturbing symptoms that interfere with living the life you want today. Together we work to identify and process stored memories that are activated by current events. We also work to create desired future outcomes.

If you experience intense levels of emotion, negative self-beliefs (such as unlovable, unworthy, useless, a failure), or excessive guilt, you may benefit from this form of therapy. EMDR therapy incorporates thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and body sensations that get in the way of living in the present moments.

Many issues can be addressed with EMDR therapy: Recent Tragic Events, Anxiety, PTSD, Complex PTSD, Addictions, Phobias, Relationship Issues, Eating Disorders, Performance Enhancement ... among others.

* Please ensure your chosen EMDR Therapist has successfully completed the extensive 50-hour EMDR International Association training process. And that she/he has training in the area that you are seeking treatment.

Many resources exist to help you learn more about EMDR:
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If you would like to discuss whether EMDR is an option for you, and you live in the DFW area, please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation by texting me at 817-739-2421 , calling me at 817-739-2421 , or emailing me at [email protected] .
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